Hard Reset Any Lava Phones

In this article, You can think about the Hard Reset of the Lava phone and clarify all reset techniques. A hard reset is a quickest and simplest approach to wipe all your own information from your device.

Note: The Hard Reset will delete all user’s data. We strongly propose that you Backup Data earlier than a difficult reset. We additionally propose that your battery is at the least 50% charged while you carry out a difficult reset.

Lava Phones List (Phone Finder)

  1. Lava Z62 Hard Reset
  2. Lava Z92 Hard Reset
  3. Lava Z40 Hard Reset
  4. Lava Z81 Reset
  5. Lava Z60s Reset
  6. Lava Z61 Reset
  7. Lava Z91 Reset
  8. Lava Z50 Reset
  9. Lava Z90 Reset
  10. Lava Z80 Reset
  11. Lava Z70 Reset
  12. Lava Z60 Reset
  13. Lava A93 Reset
  14. Lava A77 Reset
  15. Lava Z25 Reset
  16. Lava Z10 Reset
  17. Lava X41+ Reset
  18. Lava A55 Reset
  19. Lava A50 Reset
  20. Lava A76+ Reset
  21. Lava X50+ Reset
  22. Lava A97 Reset
  23. Lava A56 Reset
  24. Lava X28 Reset
  25. Lava P7+ Reset
  26. Lava X38 Reset
  27. Lava A32 Reset
  28. Lava A68 Reset
  29. Lava X50 Reset
  30. Lava X17 Reset
  31. Lava X81 Reset
  32. Lava X46 Reset
  33. Lava A82 Reset
  34. Lava A59 Reset
  35. Lava A67 Reset
  36. Lava A89 Reset
  37. Lava A76 Reset
  38. Lava A72 Reset
  39. Lava V2s Reset
  40. Lava A52 Reset
  41. Lava Flair S1 Reset
  42. Lava A71 Reset
  43. Lava X3 Reset
  44. Lava Iris Fuel F2 Reset
  45. Lava V5 Reset
  46. Lava P7 Reset
  47. Lava Iris Atom Reset
  48. Lava Iris Atom 3 Reset
  49. Lava X10 Reset
  50. Lava Iris Atom 2X Reset
  51. Lava Iris Fuel F1 Reset
  52. Lava Flair E2 Reset
  53. Lava Iris Fuel F1 Mini Reset
  54. Lava Pixel V2 Reset
  55. Lava Flair P1i Reset
  56. Lava Iris Atom 2 Reset
  57. Lava Iris X5 4G Reset
  58. Lava Iris X1 Selfie Reset
  59. Lava Pixel V1 Reset
  60. Lava Flair Z1 Reset
  61. Lava Iris X1 Atom S Reset
  62. Lava Flair P1 Reset
  63. Lava Iris 100 Lite Reset
  64. Lava Iris 349 Sleek Reset
  65. Lava Iris 348 Reset
  66. Lava Iris 370 Reset
  67. Lava Iris X1 Atom Reset
  68. Lava Icon Reset
  69. Lava Iris 444 Reset
  70. Lava Iris 414 Reset
  71. Lava Iris Fuel 25 Reset
  72. Lava Iris Fuel 10 Reset
  73. Lava Iris 325 Style Reset
  74. Lava Iris X1 Beats Reset
  75. Lava Iris Fuel 20 Reset
  76. Lava Iris 465 Reset
  77. Lava Iris X8 Reset
  78. Lava Iris X1 Grand Reset
  79. Lava Iris X1 Mini Reset
  80. Lava Iris Alfa L Reset
  81. Lava Iris 470 Reset
  82. Lava Iris 350 Reset
  83. Lava Iris Alfa Reset
  84. Lava Iris 310 Style Reset
  85. Lava Iris Fuel 60 Reset
  86. Lava Iris 401 Reset
  87. Lava Iris Selfie 50 Reset
  88. Lava Iris 500 Reset
  89. Lava Iris Fuel 50 Reset
  90. Lava Iris 404e Reset
  91. Lava Iris 349i Reset
  92. Lava Iris 410 Reset
  93. Lava Iris 250 Reset
  94. Lava Iris 400 Colours Reset
  95. Lava Iris 400s Reset
  96. Lava Iris 404 Flair Reset
  97. Lava Iris 352 Flair Reset
  98. Lava Iris 400Q Reset
  99. Lava Iris X5 Reset
  100. Lava Iris Pro 30+ Reset
  101. Lava Iris 310 Reset
  102. Lava Iris Lava Music Reset
  103. Lava Iris 460 Reset
  104. Lava Magnum X604 Reset
  105. Lava Iris 350M Reset
  106. Lava Iris 300 Style Reset
  107. Lava 3G 412 Reset
  108. Lava 3G 415 Reset
  109. Lava 3G 354 Reset
  110. Lava Iris X1 Reset
  111. Lava Iris 504Q+ Reset
  112. Lava Iris 406Q Reset
  113. Lava Iris 450 Colour Reset
  114. Lava Iris Pro 20 Reset
  115. Lava Iris 550Q Reset
  116. Lava Iris 503e Reset
  117. Lava Iris 408e Reset
  118. Lava Iris 402e Reset
  119. Lava Iris Pro 30 Reset
  120. Lava Iris 405+ Reset
  121. Lava Iris 354e Reset
  122. Lava 3G 402+ Reset
  123. Lava Iris 456 Reset
  124. Lava Iris 503 Reset
  125. Lava Iris 352e Reset
  126. Lava Iris 505 Reset
  127. Lava Iris 506q Reset
  128. Lava 3G 402 Reset
  129. Lava 3G 356 Reset
  130. Lava Iris 349+ Reset
  131. Lava Iris 349 Reset
  132. Lava Iris 504q Reset
  133. Lava Iris 401e Reset
  134. Lava Iris 458q Reset
  135. Lava Iris 455 Reset
  136. Lava Iris 405 Reset
  137. Lava Iris 430 Reset
  138. Lava Iris 355 Reset
  139. Lava Iris 502 Reset
  140. Lava Iris 454 Reset
  141. Lava Iris 351 Reset
  142. Lava Iris N400 Reset
  143. Lava Iris N320 Reset
  144. Lava Iris Reset
  145. Lava S12 Reset
  146. Lava Flair E1 Reset
  147. Lava A48 Reset
  148. Lava A79 Reset
  149. Lava A88 Reset

Hard Reset Lava Phones

Hard Reset Delete all personal data so before a hard reset, you must be backup on data. Here, you can use the Volume down and Power button at a time.

  • First, Turn off your phone, by holding the Power button.
  • Press & Hold down the Volume Up + Power Button for 5 to 15 seconds.
  • Release both buttons when you will see Logo.
  • Now You can see the Recovery menu.
  • Now, select the Wipe data/Factory Reset option using the volume button and confirm with the power button.
  • Then select the Yes option.
  • Next, choose the Reboot System Now option.
  • You have successfully completed.

Factory Reset Lava Phones

A factory reset is a process that deletes data on a tablet or smartphone and restores it, for the most part, to the same state it was in when it was purchased.

  • Power on your Lava Mobile, by holding the power button.
  • First, open the settings menu.
  • Next, Find option Backup and Reset.
  • Afterward, Select the Factory data reset option.
  • Next, select the option Reset device or Reset Phone.
  • Finally, Choose to option Erase everything.
  • Factory Reset completed on your mobile.

Using Google Find My Device (Reset)

Google Find My Device can help Reset your Lava phone and locate your stolen phone. Here, You can easily reset your android phone with Google Find My Device. Following these steps, you can get reset your phone.

  • First, open Google Find My Device Option on Pc.
  • Next Sign in to your Google Account.
  • Here, Three options available such as Play sound, Secure device, Erase device.
  • Now Press On the Erase Device option.
  • Next, You will see the Erase all data menu.
  • Then Tap on the Erase option.
  • That’s it!

Using Hidden Codes (Reset)

If you use any Lava phone, you already know about all the options supported by this platform, but there are some tricks you may not know. Here, follow some steps to go.

*#*#7780#*#*A Hard Reset Deletes All Data On Your Phone. Like, Files, Apps, and Photos.
*2767*3855#Hard Reset Firmware

Using Android Multi Tools

Android Multi Tools is free software that Android users can use to unlock patterns, PIN, password, face, gesture, and Gmail ID from their Lava phones.

Here, you can easily reset your phone with android multi tools without loss data.

  • First, Power on your Pc (Personal Computer).
  • Next, Download the Android Multi Tools on PC.
  • After the installation, Open the Android Tool.
  • Next, Enable USB debugging on your Android Mobile. Now, go to the Settings option.
  • Then choose the Developer Option.
  • When select the USB Debugging.
  • Now Hold down the Volume buttons and Power Button on your mobile.
  • Next, you will see the Android boot mode on your mobile screen.
  • After that, Connect your mobile to your computer via USB [Universal Serial Bus].
  • Next, select Number 5 and press Enter to Reset your Android mobile.
  • Reset Done on your Android Mobile with Android tools.

Reset With Google Account

Follow these steps to reset your Android phone with google account.

  • First, Power On your Lava phone.
  • After the number of unsuccessful attempts on your mobile, You will see the Forgot pattern option.
  • Now Tap on the Forgot pattern option.
  • Next, Enter your Google Account username and password.
  • Afterward, Tap on the Sign In.
  • Then choose a new password and unlock your device.
  • Finally, Your phone will be unlocked.
  • Here is the complete guide about Unlock Android Phone with Google Account.
  • That’s it!

Reset Security Questions

Google security questions or your device company Security questions will help you to reset your phone password without data loss.

  • First, Power On your Lava phone.
  • After the number of unsuccessful attempts on your mobile, You will see the Forgot pattern option.
  • Now Tap on the Forgot pattern option.
  • Next, click on Answer question.
  • Then, answer security questions.
  • Then, It will ask Yes or No.
  • Select the Yes option to create a new password or pattern lock.
  • Finally, Reset done on your phone.

Thanks For Reading

I hope so, that you found this guide informative and that it was able to help you perform a hard reset on your android phone.