We explain easily the methods to reset Android devices and other devices. I Hope AndroidTech99.com is kind to you. This page provides complete information on hard reset, factory reset, and unlocks any electronic device. , mic, and much more.

Android Tech 99: Many people use mobile phones nowadays. Every android smartphone owner has to set lock screen protection on your device so that others cannot access it. Unfortunately, you forget your mobile password, this is a common situation that many android users face. There are many ways to unlock an Android smartphone or tablet. On this site, we have provided many methods to unlock or hard reset your Android mobile.

Types of Reset Methods

Here are the best methods to Reset or Unlock your Android device. There are many methods available to Reset Android devices. You can try the following methods one by one.

  • Hard Reset
  • Factory Reset
  • Google Find My device
  • Android Multi Tools
  • Hidden Codes

Please Note: The Reset will completely erase all the data, settings, and content on your android device, returning it to the original factory settings. We strongly advise that you back up your device before a hard reset.

To reset your phone and delete all its data, first ensure your phone is associated with a force source. We likewise suggest that your battery is in any event half-charged when you play out a hard reset.